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Hi folks,

It's been a while. I am giving a shot to update our tuxguitar package
from 1.2 to the recent 1.3. The new release comes with a build system
switch from ant to maven. I do not have much experience with maven, so
I tried to follow the packaging instructions [1] which I found quite
useful. I managed to build the package from source, but I still have 4

1- tuxguitar-1.3 has an itext5 dependency, but we only ship itext2 in
Fedora. I tried to disable the tuxguitar-pdf plugin (which uses itext)
by various combinations of %pom_remove_dep, %pom_remove_plugin,
%pom_disable_module. The following takes me a couple steps further

%pom_remove_dep -r com.itextpdf:itextpdf
%pom_remove_dep -r com.itextpdf.tool:xmlworker

but I end up getting:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project tuxguitar-pdf: Could not
resolve dependencies for project
org.herac.tuxguitar:tuxguitar-pdf:jar:1.3.0: The following artifacts
could not be resolved: com.itextpdf:itextpdf:jar:SYSTEM,
com.itextpdf.tool:xmlworker:jar:SYSTEM: Cannot access swt-repo
( in offline mode and the
artifact com.itextpdf:itextpdf:jar:SYSTEM has not been downloaded from
it before. -> [Help 1]

So, I worked around by patching the pom.xml file and removed the
dependency by hand. I am pretty sure there is a better way of doing
this with the maven macros.

2- When the package is built with %mvn_build and installed with
%mvn_install the jar files get installed into
/usr/share/java/tuxguitar/. But looking at the launcher script, the
application expects the jar files to be in /usr/share/tuxguitar/. Is
there a way to tell maven to install the jar files there instead
(these are application jars, not shared libraries) ?

3- I manually moved the jar files into /usr/share/tuxguitar/. The
launcher calls the entry point in tuxguitar.jar. But this jar doesn't
find the other jars, for example the tuxguitar-editor-utils.jar, and
the application doesn't launch. I can add this jar file and the other
15 jar files to the CLASSPATH in the lancher script, but I am not sure
this is the right way. I didn't have to do this with ant. With ant,
the tuxguitar.jar somehow knew about the other jars. How can we fix

4- There are a bunch of supplementary files (.desktop file, icons,
mime xmls, the launcher script etc) which are listed in the main
pom.xml file, but %mvn_install doesn't install them. I had to copy
them manually to the $RPM_BUILD_ROOT. Is there a way to do this with

My current work is at

Note that I had to remove some SF2, EXE and DLL files from the source
tarball, as their license situations were unclear.

I would be happy if someone knowledgeable with maven could take a look
and give me some clues.


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