Re: Packaging Spago BI

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Il 20/01/2016 14:29, Sandro Bonazzola ha scritto:
cannot find symbol
  symbol:   class LogMF
  location: package org.apache.log4j
this error is cause by unavailable log4j12 in classpath
try with %pom_change_dep :log4j ::1.2.17 SpagoBIUtils

cannot find symbol
  symbol:   class ApacheHttpClientExecutor
  location: package org.jboss.resteasy.client.core.executors
this error is related to our resteasy version. now resteasy, provides support for apache httpcomponents (4)
instead of commons-httpclient, see$nexus$content$repositories$releases@org.jboss.resteasy$resteasy-jaxrs@1.2.RC1@org$jboss$resteasy$client$core$executors$

i see other problem related to some not upgradable libraries (for now):


used by springframework stuff ...

some packaged libraries:


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