Packaging Spago BI

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I started trying to package Spago BI ( ) for Fedora.

An initial spec file I created mostly to understand what's being built is here:

The output of maven install is a set of war files which includes libraries and _javascript_ libraries from external sources / projects (maven central mostly).

During the build, several jar files are created and not installed by mvn install.

I've searched for a packaging guidelines wiki page about packaging wildfly webapps and in IRC I've been pointed to thermostat package as example.
I'm not realy sure to have understood what's expected from the package:
- is it ok to just have the final war file in the package?
- is it ok to have libraries (jar and js) from other packages included in the war file? (I know, I'm using mvn and not maven-local since I don't have packaged dependencies yet, but supposing they're in fedora, is it allowed to have them in the war file?

Help with the packaging effort is welcome :-)

Sandro Bonazzola
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