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>> The output of maven install is a set of war files which includes libraries
>> and javascript libraries from external sources / projects (maven central
>> mostly).
>> war format is not supported (ask to mizdebsk)
> Added to the discussion.
> Any wiki page about this?

XMvn does support installing various file types, but it doesn't
automatically install WAR files because they are not standardized in
Fedora - there is no consensus where and how they should be installed.

Once consensus is reached, adding WAR support should be trivial and it
only requires adding an entry in global javapackages config file, like
the following one, which tells XMvn that all HPI files (Jenkins/Hudson
plugins) should be installed into /usr/share/jenkins/plugins:

Mikolaj Izdebski
Software Engineer, Red Hat
IRC: mizdebsk
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