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On 11/18/21 19:50, Dusty Mabe wrote:
This "effort" sounds amazing. I don't personally care if it is a new SIG
or part of the cloud SIG. Unfortunately I don't have much to offer other than
guidance and moral support. I can definitely help test the packages on the
clouds I use too.

Either way thanks for reaching out and trying to build a community for this
effort in Fedora.

Thanks for starting this conversation, Mikel! I agree with Dusty that this work is important whether it lives within the Cloud SIG or separately in Fedora. I could see many situations where a Fedora Workstation user would want access to these types of tools to make changes in their cloud deployment.

I'm super excited to make Fedora fit in well with more clouds by giving users the CLI tools and SDKs they need to pull data from their cloud deployment or make changes in it.

Should we make a wiki page of some sort with the ideas and goals? That might help us figure out where the work is best aligned. I'm happy to start on that.

Major Hayden

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