Re: Cloud tooling (sub)SIG?

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On 11/18/21 5:39 AM, Mikel Olasagasti wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Mikel, Nice to meet you.

> First mail to fedora-cloud, so I'll present myself as a Red Hat
> employee that contributes to Fedora in my free time.
> Last week I contacted Major Hayden about $SUJECT and he suggested
> discussing it on the list, so here I am.
> Some weeks ago I packaged `doctl`[1], the official CLI for
> DigitalOcean. Also sent a PR for `linode-cli`[2] and updated some
> Google API packages[3] to fix some other packages. Doing some new
> package reviews, I found Major was working on `vultr-cli`[4] for Vultr
> and `hcloud`[5] for Hetzner. I know he is also working on packaging
> major public cloud CLI and API packages.
> For me having these packages, and others, improves user experience
> with Fedora, as we avoid users having to go GitHub or alike and
> download some binary while we also provide a way to keep them updated.

I agree. Thank you for packaging doctl.

> I wrote Major asking if a new SIG or sub-SIG (is this a thing?) for
> public cloud tools would be interesting and he pointed me to
> fedora-cloud for further discussion.
> For me it is, as we could have the following:
> - A SIG packager group that could ease permission assignment rather
> than have to go package by package or the need to be part of a larger
> group like go-sig to be able to maintain some of the packages.
> - A dashboard at packager-dashboard.fp.o to show the status of packages.
> - Single Point of Contact in case any of the providers wants to
> contact/suggest something about their tooling in Fedora.
> I might be wrong due to ignorance, but I understand fedora-cloud as a
> SIG to provide Fedora in the clouds and that’s why I was suggesting a
> new SIG. If this effort can be part of fedora-cloud because it shares
> the mission, then I’m in the correct forum.

This "effort" sounds amazing. I don't personally care if it is a new SIG
or part of the cloud SIG. Unfortunately I don't have much to offer other than
guidance and moral support. I can definitely help test the packages on the
clouds I use too.

Either way thanks for reaching out and trying to build a community for this
effort in Fedora.

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