Modifying Fedora Cloud Base image for Openstack

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Hello, how can I modify it locally and don't break the image? I
tried to use virt-customize to install some packages, after that
I uploaded the modified image to Openstack and tried to provision
a VM from it. The VM provisioned but I cannot access via SSH to
the instance. Looks like the network was disabled after virt-customize.
Commands I used:

virt-customize -v -a Fedora-Cloud-Base-34-1.2.x86_64.qcow2 --commands-from-file command_list.txt

cat command_list.txt
install git-core,git-lfs,podman,buildah,skopeo
copy-in /home/fedora/gitlab-runner:/usr/bin/
chmod 0755:/usr/bin/gitlab-runner

As a workaround I provision an instance from unmodified
image, run some commands and save a snapshot. Later I can use that
snapshot as a base image for VMs. Is there another way to modify
Fedora Cloud Base image without provisioning a VM from it to
a cloud provider?
Best regards, Dmitry Misharov
Senior Software Quality Engineer
Management & Automation QE

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