Re: rawhide vagrant box will not start

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On 12/2/19 4:36 PM, Dusty Mabe wrote:

On 11/21/19 10:57 AM, Dusty Mabe wrote:

On 11/21/19 4:59 AM, Pavel Březina wrote:
Hi Pavel

I'm trying to run rawhide vagrant box from [1] but rawhide composes do
not work correctly (vagrant up gets stuck) since August.

I opened against
kernel but I've been told fedora-cloud maintains those images so I'm
reaching you here.

Thanks for opening the issue. I think this could be related to the fact that the
cloud images are having trouble booting at all right now. See

Once that fix is in let's retry booting in vagrant.

I think it should all work now. Can you try again with the latest Rawhide vagrant box
from today?


Hi, it seems to work. Thank you.
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