Re: rawhide vagrant box will not start

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On 11/21/19 10:57 AM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
> On 11/21/19 4:59 AM, Pavel Březina wrote:
> Hi Pavel
>> I'm trying to run rawhide vagrant box from [1] but rawhide composes do 
>> not work correctly (vagrant up gets stuck) since August.
>> I opened against 
>> kernel but I've been told fedora-cloud maintains those images so I'm 
>> reaching you here.
> Thanks for opening the issue. I think this could be related to the fact that the
> cloud images are having trouble booting at all right now. See 
> Once that fix is in let's retry booting in vagrant.

I think it should all work now. Can you try again with the latest Rawhide vagrant box
from today?

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