Help with docker images for NeuroFedora

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As part of NeuroFedora, we'd like to make docker images of commonly used
tools available to the research community. This comes in very very handy
when researchers try to replicate scientific results to validate them
(which of course, is paramount).

Unfortunately, none of our current core team are well versed with the
technology. I've been trying to build a docker image for the nest
package, for example, but I haven't quite managed yet[1]

So, a few questions:

- Are these wiki pages valid/up to date?

- How does one search the registry webapp? It shows me "eog" right at
  the top of the list, but when I type "eog" in the search box, I get no
  results here.

- Lastly, is anyone here interested enough in Neuroscience to help us
  with this? :)



Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"

Time zone: Europe/London

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