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Great to hear that someone has gotten IRAF to work.

Unfortunately while I've been able to get the IRAF rpm's working, I
haven't been able to do any other work on it.  The problem is that the
maintainers of IRAF have this odd refusal to put IRAF into a version
control system, and without having some sort of version control, it's
pretty much impossible to coordinate development.  I don't care what
version control system that they use, but they some reluctant to use
any version control.

I have a version of IRAF on github

But it is missing the 2.16.1 patches, and I don't see how I can
incorporate 2.16.1 without version control.

Either someone needs to convince the maintainers to have an official
tree, or someone needs to create a fork of IRAF that is on some
version control system.  They are very welcome to use my github tree.
I tried gently getting the IRAF maintainers to put their stuff into
version control, but I gave up after it seem to be going nowhere.
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