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Wrolf wrote:
On Wed, 2008-05-14 at 08:57 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
EPEL is meant to
provide rebuilds of Fedora packages as addons to RHEL and its cousins,
using the existing Fedora infrastructure.  EPEL is meant to be far
less aggressive in terms of updates, since its targeting the
enterprise and its derivatives including the RHEL support timescale of
7 years.  For Astronomy for EPEL ...

Not quite as new to the list, but lurking up till now.

I do not understand why anyone from the Astronomy SIG would be
rebuilding Fedora packages for RHEL.

As I understand the model from the Astronomy SIG, it is to write SPECs
and RPMs for Fedora, either of existing packages, or of new work; and
also provide an Astronomy spin of Fedora - kickstart file(s) and .iso
builds of a subset of Fedora, with all the packages that an astronomer
would need. And ideally these spins could be put on a live CD with
persistence. Oriented at rank amateurs (I just like to print out star
charts for when I go camping with the boys), to professional

This is wrong. I do consider this SIG a group of people trying to promote open-source in the world of astronomy (both professional and amateur) and thinks that Fedora is a good way to start. I would be more that happy that someone uses our good work on Centos, RHEL, Ubuntu or any other open-source project. Fedora is a open project.

As I understand it, this is exactly the model for special interest
groups in Fedora - get your software packaged and suitable for the repo,
and/or create .ks and/or .iso file that include some subset of Fedora
packages, including those specific to your SIG.

I do not see where EPEL comes in.

It's a sub-project of Fedora project that helps people to get the open-source software for their open-source enterprise solutions.


Marek Mahut     
Fedora Project                         

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