Fedora Astronomy SIG Meeting log 17-05-2008

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The log is attached.

Marek Mahut               https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy/
Fedora Project                                   http://www.jamendo.com/
17:25      marek   hey Telimektar 
17:26 Telimektar   hi marek
17:27 Telimektar   you'r a little early :)
17:28      marek   ;) you too
17:29 Telimektar   i hope we won't be alone :'(
17:31      marek   me too
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17:59      marek   astronomy SIG around?
18:00 Telimektar   plop :)
18:02      marek   anyone else around?
18:02      marek   got a message from Sergio that he can't attend
18:04 Telimektar   ok
18:04 Telimektar   shall we begin ?
18:04 Telimektar   (a 2-person meeting :))
18:05      marek   ok
18:06 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy SIG | Introduction.
18:06      marek   so, who's around?
18:06 *     marek Marek Mahut
18:06 *Telimektar Micha"el Ughetto
18:07 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy SIG | Review of tasks from last meeting.
18:08      marek   so, what's our overall progress?
18:08 Telimektar   what were they ?
18:08      marek   nothing I guess, because we were only two at the meeting :)
18:08      marek   Serio sent me this mail:
18:08      marek   <paste>
18:08      marek   * I have packaged pyfits, a python interface to fits. This package is
18:08      marek   required by pyraf
18:08      marek   * I have packaged pyraf also, but, as iraf isn't in fedora, it can be
18:08      marek   included for the moment
18:08      marek   * I'm giving eso-midas a second try. I have a package that seems to
18:08      marek   work but needs some testing.
18:08      marek   </paste>
18:08      marek   this is the progress report from him
18:08      marek   from my side
18:09      marek   I was heavily working on gnuradio even with upstream
18:09      marek   and it should be quite stable
18:09      marek   we need to start working on last packages and think about preparing the kickstart file
18:10 Telimektar   I'm still fighting with xvarstar, exams will start again soon, so it won't be fast
18:10      marek   this will come in next two month +/-
18:10 Telimektar   yes
18:10 Telimektar   abous thes kickstart file
18:10      marek   Telimektar: np, did you resolve the problem that it's not building under f8?
18:10 Telimektar   Telimektar: still on it
18:10      marek   :)
18:10      marek   ok
18:10 Telimektar   marek*: it was not that easy
18:11 Telimektar   for the ks, we maybe should ask for a Group package
18:11   danishka_ | changes nick to hanthana
18:11      marek   Telimektar: I know :)
18:11      marek   Telimektar: not sure if it will be approved
18:11      marek   last time they told us no-no.
18:11      marek   but it's a good try
18:11      marek   Telimektar: we should create a wiki page with a TODO list
18:12 Telimektar   yes, my plan's was a roadmap page with link to all subprojects
18:12      marek   ok, let's move for the google question.
18:12 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy SIG | What if the astronomy SIG has a summer intern ?
18:12      marek   do we know something about this?
18:13      marek   I don't even know if the application for this are still open
18:13 Telimektar   nothing it has juste been a question on the ml
18:13      marek   "We'll begin accepting applications from open source mentoring organizations on Monday, March 3, 2008; we'll stop accepting organization applications on Wednesday, March 12th."
18:13 Telimektar   even if the student is not provided by gsoc, we could perhaps offer this type of function
18:13      marek   ok, so this will go for the next year tasks :)
18:14      marek   Telimektar: what do you mean by this typo of function?
18:14 Telimektar   we could define some big tasks that could be assigned to a temporary dev, a student for example
18:15 Telimektar   but it will come later in the meeting i guess
18:15      marek   Telimektar:  but who will pay him?
18:15 Telimektar   marek: in the mail there was no question of money
18:16      marek   well, the Google Summer of Code is that the student work the summer and he gets 2000$ from google
18:16      marek   Telimektar: if not it's a standard volenteer that do it in the free time
18:16 Telimektar   ok
18:16      marek   the gsoc guys get paid for the summer and work heavily on the projects
18:17 Telimektar   we should ask Jeff about his proposition
18:17      marek   Telimektar: indeed
18:17      marek   but the applications are closed for this summer already, let's try our luck next time
18:17 Telimektar   Fedora 11 so :p
18:17 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy SIG | Forking IRAF and clean it of the closed source?
18:17      marek   ;)
18:17      marek   yup
18:17 Telimektar   12*
18:17      marek   this is a topic from Sergio
18:18      marek   <paste>
18:18      marek   And finally, can fedora-astronomy be involved in branching iraf? is it
18:18      marek   feasible? Iraf it's used by great part of the astronomical community
18:18      marek   and would be a I killer application. Could you rise the question in
18:18      marek   the meeting?
18:18      marek   </paste>
18:18      marek   this is a good proposition but will involve a lot of work
18:18 Telimektar   a new item for the todo list
18:18 Telimektar   it also involves getting in contact with the iraf community
18:19      marek   yes
18:19      marek   we should discuss it on the mailing list first
18:19 Telimektar   yes
18:19 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy SIG | Free discussion, mind storming
18:19      marek   ok, all other business
18:19 Telimektar   you've talked about skylive.it
18:20      marek   yes, this is an interesting project
18:20 Telimektar   and python module that it needs
18:20      marek   you can take photos from scopes over the globe
18:20      marek   Telimektar: it needs about 10 python modules that are not in fedora yet
18:20      marek   I don't have the list yet, but it should be somewhere on their web
18:20 Telimektar   ok, i didn't found soure on their website
18:20 Telimektar   source*
18:20      marek   or even find it from code
18:22      marek   http://download.astronomix.org/skylive/SkyLiveNG-0.1b.tgz
18:22      marek   here is it
18:22 Telimektar   ok thanks, i'll take aloot on it and make a summary of needs on the ml
18:22 Telimektar   a look *
18:22      marek   Telimektar: thank you
18:23      marek   next item, is getting the packages in EPEL as well
18:23 Telimektar   why not
18:24      marek   I would like to distribute the Fedora Astronomy spin on a usb stick
18:24      marek   people would be able to order it for small price
18:24      marek   like 3 euros with the post
18:25 Telimektar   mhm, why not
18:25      marek   Telimektar: did you saw the persistance feature?
18:25 Telimektar   i'm sure som magazines can be interested in this too
18:25 Telimektar   marek: i've read a little about it
18:25      marek   Telimektar: it's very nice
18:25      marek   that way, you can keep your data from observation on the key itself
18:26 Telimektar   how do you want to sell the usb stick?
18:28      marek   I thought of a web form, something like free media program
18:28 Telimektar   ok
18:29      marek   I'll try to save some money and get about 300 free for local observatory etc...
18:29      marek   and if we are really good, maybe Red Hat will be willing to pay for it too :)
18:29    spoleeba > [n=one@fedora/Jef] joins #fedora-meeting
18:29      marek   heyah spoleeba :)
18:29 Telimektar   from your own pocket ?
18:30      marek   Telimektar: yes.
18:30   spoleeba   too many meetings....too little time
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18:30      marek   spoleeba: ;) welcome
18:30 Telimektar   300 free usb sticks it's a lot for a begin
18:30 Telimektar   hi spoleeba
18:31      marek   Telimektar: well, these are only for local observatory I'm planning
18:31      marek   and local institutions
18:31 Telimektar   I think i can get some money for such a distributing money in my university
18:31 Telimektar   -money
18:32      marek   Telimektar: you think your university would be interested in this?
18:32 Telimektar   I think i can get some money for such a distributing, from my university
18:32 Telimektar   corrected:p
18:32      marek   cool
18:33      marek   well, we will see later
18:33 Telimektar   marek: yeah , i was the president of a physics student association and i know they can be interested by such things
18:33 Telimektar   yes
18:33      marek   first let's do a spin that kicks ass :)
18:33 Telimektar   marek: +1
18:33      marek   Telimektar: cool :)
18:33         rsc > [n=robert@xxxxxxxxxxxx] joins #fedora-meeting
18:33      marek   I'll be taking some days off from my work on work on this spin
18:33      marek   because my work consumes all my time
18:34 Telimektar   we also must finalize the astronomy-menus
18:34   spoleeba   marek, so you are really close to putting a spin together?
18:34      marek   Telimektar: yup, I had a showstopper on this
18:34      marek   spoleeba: kind of, in next two months we can start doing the initial kickstart file
18:35      marek   Telimektar: but I've found a way how to create this menu
18:35   spoleeba   marek, make sure you look at the guidance from the new Spins SIG
18:35      marek   spoleeba: yes, I know it
18:35 Telimektar   marek: can't we base it one the games-menus rpm ?
18:35      marek   Telimektar: no, the games menus are using standard GNOME categories
18:36 Telimektar   ok
18:36      marek   games have sub-cats in gnome, that's no the case of other menus
18:36      marek   spoleeba: we will have first only a beta kickstart file
18:36      marek   spoleeba: I want to release it all little bit after Fedora 10
18:37      marek   do we have date for Fedora 10 yet?
18:37 Telimektar   i don't think so
18:38      marek   spoleeba: do we have the final version of the spins process?
18:38 Telimektar   do you have a link to this ? i do not know about it
18:39      marek   I saw a proposition on wiki somewhere, but was told by the Board it's still in progress 
18:39      marek   https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JefSpaleta/SpinReleaseProcessProposal
18:39 Telimektar   thx
18:40   spoleeba   marek, of the entire process.. i dont think so
18:41      marek   spoleeba: good to have you on the project, you can review it before we propose it to the board itself
18:41   spoleeba   marek, but i think the guidance as to what is/is not allowed is mostly there
18:44      marek   spoleeba: do you the link to the guidance?
18:45   spoleeba   no... let me find it
18:46   spoleeba   there's a wiki re-org going on as well...which impact things
18:47   spoleeba   http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Spins/CommunitySpinGuidelines
18:48      marek    /!\ Fixing packages or applications on the Spin is not allowed. A fix goes upstream.  
18:49      marek   this mean fix goes to Fedora (upstream here?)
18:49      marek   ?
18:52   spoleeba   marek, i think it means... not making changes in the Spins kickstart file
18:53   spoleeba   that should go in a package...and submitted upstream
18:53      marek   spoleeba: ok, understood
18:53      marek   anything else we want to discuss?
18:53   spoleeba   the idea being...don't screw with things like default config settings via kickstart script action..even though you can
18:54 Telimektar   it's ok for me
18:54 Telimektar   what are the tasks assignment for now on ?
18:54      marek   spoleeba: we were thinking about a different wallpaper
18:55   spoleeba   kickstarts are very flexible...and to keep all or spins consistent..we have to refrain from doing some things that kickstart can easily do
18:55      marek   Telimektar: I think, from now on, we should create a TODO list wiki page, with the name of the person working on it and final date
18:56      marek   spoleeba: yup, I see
18:56   spoleeba   marek, get it packaged as a package so anyone else can use it
18:56   spoleeba   marek, i think theming differences are allowed..i think games does it already
18:56      marek   spoleeba: it would be part of the wallpaper package, but we will have to mess with the default config to set it
18:56      marek   spoleeba: ok
18:58      marek   spoleeba, Telimektar any other business you would like to raise?
18:58      giallu > [n=giallu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] joins #fedora-meeting
18:58   spoleeba   marek, i dont think so
18:59 Telimektar   ok for me
18:59      marek   ok closing this meeting
18:59      marek   that you both for coming
18:59 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/FedoraMeetingChannel for meeting schedule
18:59 Telimektar   thanks all, see you on the list !
19:00      marek   see you!

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