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Wrolf Courtney wrote:
> Hello everyone.

Hello Wrolf,

> Trying to put together a live USB thumbdrive with a set of astronomy
> packages for casual user (naked eye or binoculars, look at Mars directly
> overhead/phase of moon for camping trip/etc.).
> I eventually realized that with xephem out due to licensing, I needed
> KStars, which in Fedora is part of the kdeedu RPM.
> So to have an Astronomy spin, we have to drag in KLatin, Konqueror, etc.
> Does not seem right.
> Can we have just a kstars RPM, like in other distros? Perhaps the kdeedu
> rpm could have a dependency on a kstars RPM?
> Otherwise the Astronomy spin is doomed to always have khangman. Does
> every astronomer require Hangman on their desk?

I've just talked about this issue today. kdeedu package will be slitted,
but only after KDE4. I agree that this needs to be resolved, we won't
pull extra mega of stuff with only kstars needed.

Putting Than, the KDE maintainer, in CC. I hope he responds to this message.

> See for the same
> issue in Gentoo and their solution.
> Wrolf

Marek Mahut     
Fedora Project                         

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