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Hello everyone.

Trying to put together a live USB thumbdrive with a set of astronomy
packages for casual user (naked eye or binoculars, look at Mars directly
overhead/phase of moon for camping trip/etc.).

I eventually realized that with xephem out due to licensing, I needed
KStars, which in Fedora is part of the kdeedu RPM.

So to have an Astronomy spin, we have to drag in KLatin, Konqueror, etc.
Does not seem right.

Can we have just a kstars RPM, like in other distros? Perhaps the kdeedu
rpm could have a dependency on a kstars RPM?

Otherwise the Astronomy spin is doomed to always have khangman. Does
every astronomer require Hangman on their desk?

See http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/kde-split-ebuilds.xml for the same
issue in Gentoo and their solution.


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