Re: Not finding RTC with a different spin?

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On Thu, Aug 24, 2023 at 4:25 PM Chris Adams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Once upon a time, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> > I suspect the /boot partition on server is XFS and on XFCE it's ext4?
> > U-Boot can't load off XFS so it falls back to the FW provided DT and
> > hence basically is the same as not having the link there.
> Ahh, this was indeed it.  I switched /boot on the XFCE image to XFS and
> it did indeed follow the config.txt entry for the RTC (so same as
> removing the /boot/dtb symlink).
> Interesting to know... learn more about the oddities of ARM booting all
> the time. :)  Maybe should the aarch64 images all use an ext4 /boot for
> consistency and to avoid confusion?

TBH I would sooner just move to firmware provided DT so we don't have
to ship DT as part of the kernel at all. I've been slowly working on
that but I'm not quite there yet and it's one of those items for "when
I have some spare time" which has been very little of late as I've
been looking at other things.
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