Re: Not finding RTC with a different spin?

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On Wed, Aug 23, 2023 at 8:10 PM Chris Adams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just to re-test: I wrote the following two images (using the same uSD
> card, so not it either):
>    Fedora-Server-38-1.6.aarch64.raw.xz
>    Fedora-Xfce-38-1.6.aarch64.raw.xz
> Wrote them out on a F37 system with arm-image-installer like:
>    arm-image-installer --image <image> --media /dev/sda --addkey ../.ssh/ --resizefs --target rpi4
> then, before moving the card to the Pi, mounted the first partition and
> changed config.txt to include "dtoverlay=i2c-rtc,ds1307" (no other
> change, so /boot/dtb symlink still present).  When I boot the Server
> image, it sees the RTC, when I boot the Xfce image, it does not.

I suspect the /boot partition on server is XFS and on XFCE it's ext4?
U-Boot can't load off XFS so it falls back to the FW provided DT and
hence basically is the same as not having the link there.

> On the Xfce image, if I also remove the /boot/dtb symlink, it sees the
> RTC.
> So there's some inconsistency between images (maybe it's just that the
> Server image is not working as expected?), but I guess I have a working
> setup.

Suspect it's a difference in filesystems for /boot.
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