Test of Fedora-Server-37-20220831.n.0.aarch64 image

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I just tested the image on my rock pi 4a  and it failed to boot. The last messages on screen are

| [OK] Found device dev-mapper-fe_ice - /dev/mapper/fedora-root.
| [OK] Reached target ignited-root_e.target - Initrd Root Device

And then nothing happened any more.

It’s booting from the NMVe device. F36 works fine.

My old raspi3 dir does boot, but showed

| Booting ‚Fedora Linux (5.19.3-300.fc37.aarch64) …
| [  11.976909] dracut-pre-udev[394]: sh: line 1:/sbin/sysctl: No such file or directory

But continues to boot without problems.
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