Re: Fedora support for NanoPi-R1?

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On Tue, November 30, 2021 9:19 am, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Granted, it works here, but I'd like to "update" from the old version of
> Fedora running there onto a newer version, but the main issue is the
> unifi
> controller.  The issue was with mongodb-server, where I had to rebuild it
> myself to get it to work on the platform.  If I'm going to upgrade to F35
> on the WB I might need to do that again (unless it will continue to
> support mongodb 4.0.3).
> Unfortunately there is still not an armhfp build of mongo -- although
> there is one for aarch64, so if I stay with that (instead of aarch64)
> I'll
> still have to rebuild mongo again -- so I guess to replace this system
> I'd
> want an aarch64 board with sufficient RAM to run mongo and unifi.  I
> don't
> mind using an SD for storage (certainly for mongo).  The system currently
> uses 6G of storage, which would fill most of the 8G eMMC devices.  But I
> am concerned about the 1G.

Actually, looking at Mongo's site, they only started supporting AArch64
for mongodb 4.4, and it's unclear if Unifi Controller supports that!  I
built 4.0 and have been running with that, so even going to an aarch64
platform might not suffice.   So it might not even matter.  :-(


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