Re: Support for odroid HC4 & n2+ ?

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> I’m in the process to create a new documentation for Fedora Server (cf and want to add one or two articles about how to use ARM and Fedora Server. I’m new to the ARM architecture and had to learn that both boxes I have access to for testing, Odroid HC4 and N2+, are currently not supported by Fedora.  Both are nicely constructed and well suited as a small home server or powerful service appliance.
> My question is are there plannings to support them in the near future? Or is this too vague and I should better try to get my hands on something else to test?

All the Oroid devices are community supported, they've never cared
about upstream and have signed binary bits needed for the early boot
process we can't redistribute so it's not possible for us to support
them out of the box.
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