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Wait a minute, because one have #Fedora as a topic on Twitter, he or she is
subject to this policy? That doesn't sit well with me, considering the many
touchy subjects (religion, politics) that may be started on this platform or

No, it doesn't. Your accounts are yours, no matter what you said on it.  This applies to the twitter accounts @fedora @fedora_community and in general the accounts listed as community accounts, e.g.: Regional Fedora accounts.

Does that only apply to people using the Fedora Logo or anyone that has a link
to the Fedora Project and it subsidiaries (Wiki…) or has the name "Fedora"
somewhere in their blog/microblog description?
This is a great question, IMHO it applies to all the sites that offers communitary support, like telegram accounts, web sites (blogs) and where people can try to get help from community members.


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