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Hello everyone,

Matthew and Ben thank you for reading our proposal and for providing feedback! Here are some answers to your questions: 

> How do you see co-leadership on the objective working in terms of the Fedora Council?

Both Sumantro and myself will join the council, but we will share one vote. We will both attend meetings as necessary and able. Marie will work as back up to provide updates on progress. 

> I'd like to see some specific measures of success. I am fully in
> agreement with the concept, but it would be good to have something to
> measure against.

Here's a brief roadmap for the following months:
* Completion of Role Handbooks
* CommOps, Join SIG, Advocate, Ambassador, Ambassador Emeritus
* Formalized and documented process for reps to Mindshare
* Execution and analysis of Community Outreach survey 
* Execution and documentation of Mindshare Team Interviews
* Branding for CommOps team/subteams
* Draft and execution of Marketing plan 
* Translations of Role Handbooks into 5-8 key languages
* CommOps team/subteams are aware and satisfied with new processes/structure

> Along the same lines (and to repeat Matthew's question from the
> meeting), what do you see being different 6 months from now? 12?

In 6 to 12 months from now:
* The Ambassador team is full of active contributors who know what to do and how to do it. 
* The process for how to organize events and request swag is well known to all Ambassadors, and those within the larger CommOps umbrella. 
* Members from CommOps & subteams are practising new/updated forms of organized community outreach. 
* Clear onboarding documentation and process on how to get involved in the Community Outreach teams. 
* Brand awareness from CommOps new structure is beginning to grow based on branding and relevant marketing plans. 
* More contributors engaged in the Ambassadors program, but also the CommOps team overall. 
* Weekly meetings for Community Outreach. 

> What kind of help will you need outside the scope of the Objective to
> make it successful (e.g. design, documentation, software development,
> etc)

The revamp plan includes most of the active teams within Mindshare. These teams have been asked to give their feedback as we worked on approving the proposal. For example, the design team will have to help with several of the tasks (logos, badges), the translation team will help to translate the role handbooks, etc. If you want to read more about how each team will be involved, there is further info on the wiki page. We will be using LimeSurvey to execute a survey. 

I hope the above answer your questions. 

Thank you,
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