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On 5/26/20 12:57 AM, Leigh Griffin wrote:
> A general open tracker with backlog ideas would be helpful especially
> for those wanting to get involved and become an Ambassador. It could add
> help and easily become part of the onboarding process. It would also be
> a strong means to share what's working at local levels and inspire others.

Just curious, is this a different idea from the Fedora Join SIG
on-boarding ticket tracker?

It feels like this might already be the envisioned system but not sure
if there is overlap there.

On 5/26/20 5:33 AM, Joerg Simon wrote:
> So, as long as there is no one willing and able to step up as FAmA to do
> the slogger work and revive this dead patient, give freedom to those who
> invest their time trying to move this to a new
> place(joingroup/advocates) unbiased from the old battlegrounds - the
> time is long overdue to retire the Ambassador Group this will not
> diminish the work and the achievements done in this group in the past.


On 5/25/20 2:35 PM, S.Kemter wrote:
> As you did very well read the ambassador requirements, you can explain
> me surly why your personal wiki page doesnt fullfill the requirements?

Oh, wiki pages are requirements? I don't ever remember this coming up
when I became an Ambassador. How long was that a requirement?

Also, is this before or after we disabled non-CLA+1 wiki account
registrations because of wiki spam?

On 5/25/20 2:35 PM, S.Kemter wrote:
> We have there ambassador who count as highly active but they are just
> active during meetings, the job of the ambassador there is no activity.

Oh, I did not know Ambassadors in any region were meeting regularly. Do
you have links to any recent meetings? I must have missed them!

On 5/25/20 3:59 PM, S.Kemter wrote:
> This isnt bullying, this is exactly marking out how some of this strange
> decisions been made. There been some who had experiences it was never
> looked where the trouble came from and it was just declared a general
> problem

The Fedora Code of Conduct asks others to be considerate and to be
respectful. Multiple times in this thread, you make bad-faith
assumptions about the intentions and experiences of others. You are not
being considerate or respectful.

On 5/25/20 10:04 PM, S.Kemter wrote:
> Newcomers dont belong to the Ambassadors, there was long time the idea
> to restrict it even more and make another group mandatory before you
> even can request to become Ambassador
The gate-keeping of the "Ambassador" title has always disturbed me. Now
I better remember why I avoid using the Ambassador title, because some
specific people come and tell me I am not using it right and that it is
for "experienced community members" only.

Whatever being an "experienced community member" means anyways. :-)

Justin W. Flory (he/him)

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