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On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 03:22:03PM +0100, Pierre-Yves Chibon wrote:
> > We've already migrated source RPM version control systems twice (from
> Just a small correction here, there was no migration when we put pagure on the
> top of dist-git. Repos didn't move nor the tooling that packagers are using.

Okay, fair -- but if we lump that together with the pkgdb deprecation,
tooling _did_ change.

> > >    12.
> > >    As anyone, I want the URI to the archive (tar.xz, tar.bz2, etc)
> > >    corresponding to various code states (commit/tag/release/fork…) to be
> > >    regular and stable (ideally, identical to the Pagure URIs to avoid
> > >    reimplementing existing automation) so that I can point to point-in-time
> > >    snapshots of the repository.
> > 
> > This feature seems key for possibly moving to or adding a "source git"
> > approach.
> The source git idea, as I understand it, is about using the exploded git repo
> and generate a tarball locally, so not relying on the forge hosting the repo.

We need to have some way to guarantee that a given reference to source
control in which the "exploded" repo lives is always the same thing and
can't be changed underneath us.

> > And this too is something that we were *planning* to get with Pagure but
> > which (unless something has changed) we aren't actually at yet. (You
> > need to be an approved packager already in order to do this.)
> That is something we could get from pagure if we had made a migration from
> how dist-git has been originally set-up with an account per packager
> instead of the one account for all that all forges use these days
> (including But we didn't want to impact the packagers' work
> and thus never migrated away from this old setup and puts us in a corner
> for this.

Yes, I'm not blaming :)

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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