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Kevin Reinholz wrote, On 01/26/2011 07:06 PM:
>   Just to close the loop on this, due to lack of time I've been unable to 
> further debug my Coolkey issues on OpenSolaris/Solaris 11 Express.
> I found an alternate solution for the newer PIV-compliant CACs DoD has begun 
> issuing:
> pcsc-lite-1.6.1
> ccid-1.3.13
> opensc-0.12.0
> I've posted build instructions using the Sun Studio compiler 12 tools on Solaris 
> 11 Express snv_151a on the *opensolaris crypto-discuss* mailing list. If anyone 
> wants/needs to use a PIV-compliant DoD CAC on Solaris 11 Express, that message 
> thread is readily findable on Google by searching the terms "OpenSolaris DoD 
> CAC." I'd also be happy to pass along what I did if anyone wants to drop me a line.
> It's a shame I couldn't get this working with Coolkey, but as the older CACs are 
> phased out in favor of the newer PIV-compliant CACs, the need for older CAC 
> support should become an unhappy memory.
> Thank you to everyone for your help with this!

I would be slightly interested in knowing if the updates to Coolkey for bugs
would have solved your problem.

Does anyone here know for sure if the fix in bugs 534172 & 622916 make coolkey ready to work with
what will be the standard PIV as well as the current Transitional CAC/PIV?

Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter

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