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On 09/13/2010 08:29 AM, Todd Denniston wrote:
> dsm42@xxxxxxxxx wrote, On 09/12/2010 09:06 PM:
>> As we're getting more people with 144k CACs, I was interested in getting the patched version of Coolkey running on CentOS 5.5 (since the CentOS project itself won't have it until RHEL pushes it out).  I took the SRPM from Rawhide (coolkey-1.1.0-16.fc14.src.rpm) and was sucessfully able to rebuild and install it on CentOS using the following steps:
>> $ rpmdev-setuptree
>> $ rpm -ivh --nomd5 coolkey-1.1.0-16.fc14.src.rpm 
>> $ cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
>> $ rpmbuild -bb coolkey.spec
>>  $ cd ../SPECS/i386
>> $ sudo rpm -Uvh coolkey-1.1.0-16.i386.rpm
>> When I run Firefox, with the Coolkey module loaded, Firefox crashes within a couple of second of inserting a CAC into the reader. I see this with both a 144k CAC and an older card that works fine with the regular CentOS Cookey package.  When I ran Firefox from the command line, I saw the following error:
>> firefox: slot.cpp:2258: CKYStatus Slot::readCACCertificateAppend(CKYBuffer*, CKYSize): Assertion `mOldCAC' failed.
>> /usr/lib/firefox-3.6/ line 131: 16021 Aborted                 "$prog" ${1+"$@"}
That issue should be fixed in -17.


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