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Yeah it sounds like maybe the module is not getting hit.

Have you tried doing the ldd on the module file to see if there are any missing dependencies?


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On 04/20/10 01:30 AM, John Magne wrote:
> Here is something to try.
> Before starting firefix, set this variable:
> COOL_KEY_LOG_FILE=/tmp/cool.log
> Then start firefox in the same terminal.
> After the module load fails, you can see if there is something in the log file.
I tried by doing the following:

export COOL_KEY_LOG_FILE=/tmp/cool.log
firefox &

Then attempting to add /usr/local/lib/pkcs11/ as a 
Security Module in Firefox. Unfortunately, the log file was empty/not 
created, implying my error is very early in the loading process(?)

I've built pk11util so with some examples I can run some tests on using pk11util.

Thanks for your help!


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