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Matt Anderson wrote:
Robert Relyea wrote:
Matt Anderson wrote:
Robert Relyea wrote:
The name of your coolkey module is "Matt R Anderson"
The nickname of your cert is  either:
"Matt R Anderson:CAC ID Certificate"

Ohh.. that worked! When I give certutil the option -h "Matt R Anderson" I only see the certificate on the token. Same thing when I only give it -n "Matt R Anderson:CAC ID Certificate".
Did cerutil -n actually list your certificate, or did it fail?

(certutil -L -d /home/mra/.nssdb -n "Matt R Anderson:CAC ID Certificate" should actually print the certificate out).

That prints out my certificate.
OK this sounds like it might be an stunnel specific issue then.
If you go into FIPS mode, does stunnel still work in the nomal (non-CAC case?).

(use modutil on /home/mra/.nssdb to put the database in fips mode, then try an stunnel connection with a database certificate).


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