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Thank you for your help! I've been at this a few days and was getting pretty frustrated. The document you sent is perfect--exactly what I have been looking for. It contained the meaning of the error codes I was getting.

It looks like the cert is compressed, since it does start with a 1.
Now for the part you just mentioned--if I am doing this at too low of level, I need to stop now--I don't want to make this harder than it should be. What include file does the pkcs11 interface for coolkey come in? I grepped the coolkey files cky* in my usr/include, and didn't see C_GetAttribute. I found it in coolkey.cpp, however it isn't in my include anywhere--do I need to be programming in C++, and if so, what do I need to include to access it?

Thanks for your help.

Geoff Elgey wrote:

PS: you should also be using the PKCS#11 interface provided by Coolkey to access the CAC, rather than calling CAC at the APDU level.

For example, calling C_GetAttribute function of an object on the card to get the certificate value.

-- Geoff

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I hope this is the right forum for my question, but if not, please let
me know where I should look.
I've been working on a program that will require smart card certificates
and encryption, and since I have coolkey working in my Fedora 8, I
decided to use the coolkey libraries to talk to my smartcard.  I
currently have a basic program to tell me my reader name, and I'm using
CACApplet_GetCertificate to pull a certificate from the card, and it
appears to work.  However I can't figure out what format it is in--and
this is one of the few functions that works correctly on my card (I get
the 9000 apduRC success result).  I also can't seem to find any API docs
for coolkey.  I'm currently using C, and including the cky_applet.h in
my program.  The smartcard is a DOD CAC card.  I know this should be
possible, since ESC is able to give me all kinds of information on my
card to include the certificates.

Any help is greatly appreciated--especially any small sample programs
that use the cky_applet.h


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