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I hope this is the right forum for my question, but if not, please let me know where I should look. I've been working on a program that will require smart card certificates and encryption, and since I have coolkey working in my Fedora 8, I decided to use the coolkey libraries to talk to my smartcard. I currently have a basic program to tell me my reader name, and I'm using CACApplet_GetCertificate to pull a certificate from the card, and it appears to work. However I can't figure out what format it is in--and this is one of the few functions that works correctly on my card (I get the 9000 apduRC success result). I also can't seem to find any API docs for coolkey. I'm currently using C, and including the cky_applet.h in my program. The smartcard is a DOD CAC card. I know this should be possible, since ESC is able to give me all kinds of information on my card to include the certificates. Any help is greatly appreciated--especially any small sample programs that use the cky_applet.h


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