Signing with 2.3 & coolkey?

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Anyone tested this?  I've got both Firefox and Thunderbird profiles
loaded with Coolkey, and both work with my smartcard.  OOo digital
signatures uses either (with a preference for TB) for signing, or can be
overridden with the MOZILLA_CERTIFICATE_FOLDER env variable.

When I attempt to sign, I can see the reader activity light flicker (and
OOo doesn't throw up an error) so I'm reasonably certain that the
profile is found and at least tickles the card. However, when the Digital Signatures dialog comes up, the window is empty--not just an empty list; there are no buttons either.

When I remove Coolkey from my TB profile, explictly point to the TB profile, and run OOo, I see the same behavior (without the reader activity light) so this may be an OOo bug, but I'm not certain.

Anyone else have any luck?

-- Tim

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