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Karunakaran, Madhan Anandaeswari wrote:

Hi Madham,

Hi All,

This is Madhan from Hewlett Packard working on cryptography tools.

I'm new to this kind of work and I need some assistance and information
on the following fields:
1)	Is it possible to write our own generic shim (Consists of 71
functions as told in the PKCS#11 standard) which can interact with all
types of USB tokens
There have been attempts and building generic PKCS #11 modules that handle a lot of the common functions you need to talk to USB attached tokens, including MUSCLE and opensc pkcs #11 modules. The latter is still actively worked on and work with tokens that follow the PKCS #15 standard. In general different tokens respond to different commands sets. the PKCS #11 module would need to have knowledge of those commands sets. MUSCLE managed that by using plugins specific for each different command set time. OpenSC specifies a particular command set (PKCS #15). Coolkey is a specific command set itself. That command set is implemented by a java applet that runs on the card.
2)	Is it possible to get some sample sources to help me to define
the PKCS#11 functions to talk to a USB token
All the source for coolkey is available on the coolkey web site. Coolkey uses PCSC-LITE to isolate itself from different types of USB readers. The interface between coolkey and pcsc-lite is ISO 7816 ADPU's.
I have gone through the CoolKey portal and would like to know the price
of the cool key card along with the software, library to talk to the
hardware and the source code implementation.
The software is open source and comes with Fedora/RHEL (and some other distributions as well). The actual cards we use are Axalto CyberFlex E-Gate cards (they have punch-out SIMs which have a built-in USB reader). We do not yet have a lot of our tools to load and provision the cards available open source, though there is a project to get that out as soon as possible.
It would be great if some one can help me out.

I hope this helps you get started.

Thanks in advance.


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