Coolkey on Solaris?

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Title: Coolkey on Solaris?


Has anyone managed to get Coolkey to work on Solaris 9 sparc?

I was using the PCSCshim library that allows the internal card reader to be used with PC/SC, and I got some thread panic when C_Initialize() was called.

This was similar to the issue I had with Redhat where the pthreads library must be linked with Coolkey to overcome a threading problem that occurs when C_Initialize() calls into pcsclite.

However, linking Coolkey with pthreads on Solaris 9 did not solve this issue, as C_Initialize() still aborts with a thread problem.

I replaced PCSCshim with my own PC/SC implementation that emulates a CAC in memory and Coolkey functioned without error, so this is another instance of thread linking mismatch between PC/SC and Coolkey, perhaps?

I haven't tried a USB-based libpscslite on Solaris yet, but I'm wondering if anyone else has got Coolkey and pcsclite to work with each other on Solaris?


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