RE: Removing pthread from coolkey?

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>> However, I need to add -lpthread to the src/coolkey/Makefile so that 
>> any application that uses coolkey and syslog will not hang during the

>> C_Initialize() call (for reference, a futex() call blocks, which I 
>> assume is in pcsc-lite?).
> That's definately in pcsc-lite. Are you running on RHEL 4?

I'm using RHEL ES 4.0, pcscslite-1.4.0, ccid-1.2.1, and coolkey-1.1.0,
although the same problem occurred with earlier versions of pcsclite and

Attached is the code I used to load the PKCS#11 library and call
syslog(), C_Initialize(), and C_Finalize().

I added a AC_CHECK_LIB(pthread, ...) line to to work around
the issue. is already dependent on, and I
needed to make dependent on also.

I'll try a RHEL 4.0.x version and see if I get the same problem...

-- Geoff

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