Re: Removing pthread from coolkey?

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Geoff Elgey wrote:


Looking at the coolkey.spec file in coolkey-1.1.0, I noticed the following change log entry:

“Don’t require pthread library in coolkey”

Hmm, It's an old comment from 1.0.0->1.0.1, but it's clear pthreads have never been removed. I know coolkey doesn't start any threads, so it shouldn't actually pull in the pthread library.

However, I need to add –lpthread to the src/coolkey/Makefile so that any application that uses coolkey and syslog will not hang during the C_Initialize() call (for reference, a futex() call blocks, which I assume is in pcsc-lite?).

That's definately in pcsc-lite. Are you running on RHEL 4?

Is there a particular reason why the pthread library was removed from coolkey? Are there any gotchas that may arise from adding –lpthread to my coolkey build?

there was not reason for coolkey to force the pthread library in on it's own.... however looking at the Makefile that autotools built for me, pcsc pulls in pthreads, so it looks like I'm still building with it.


-- Geoff


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