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David Mueller wrote:
Thanks to everyone that helped; CoolKey 1.1.0 is now in the Gentoo Portage tree.  My plan was, once that was in, to get the esc token manager in as well.  But after searching, the only thing I can find is the Fedora Core 6 SRPM.  Does anyone know of a tarball floating around, or will we have to build from the SRPM?  Portage is capable of it, but there's a definite preference to stick with regular tarballs.

Speaking of which, has anyone rolled this up for Debian yet? If not, I might make a stab. pam_pkcs11 probably won't be possible since Debian is still on libpam 0.7x, but I see no reason why ESC and libcoolkeypk11 shouldn't package easily.

-- Tim

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