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Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
On Friday 26 January 2007, Bob Relyea wrote:
Hi Alon,

Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
So to summerize:

1. Consider dropping NSS specific hacks... We can discuss this if you like, and I will try to help to understand why any is needed.
Actually the 'NSS' specific hacks are really CoolKey private extensions. It's very common for PKCS #11 modules to have private extensions only understood by it's management tools. NSS doesn't even use them.

A cleaner approach would be adding a new entry, such as C_GetFunctionListPrivate
or something similar and have your extensions there... You can also
have a function sets a global variable which is called before C_Initialize so
that you get desired behavior.
Private data types are extremely common, I find them all the time in PKCS #11 modules. It's the preferred way to extend PKCS #11 modules (The PKCS #11 group prefers that to private functions because data objects are designed to be extensible)
But making the extensions compile time option, will not allow you to
use the same code in management and standard mode...

Or I may miss something... What is NSS_HIDE_NONSTANDARD_OBJECTS?
This define only makes the objects not 'findable' unless the are queried specifically. It's always on, the code can easily be removed.
3. Fix "make install" so that the static/linkage files will not be installed. Only the so is needed.
I'd definitely welcome a patch for this. The static libraries are not needed.



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