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Hi Alon,

Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
So to summerize:

1. Consider dropping NSS specific hacks... We can discuss this if you like, and I will try to help to understand why any is needed.
Actually the 'NSS' specific hacks are really CoolKey private extensions. It's very common for PKCS #11 modules to have private extensions only understood by it's management tools. NSS doesn't even use them.
2. Add --disable-nss-install to configure to allow disabling NSS auto installation.
This is already be fixed in the cvs tip, we just need to make a new release. My assumption is most packagers would *NOT* need this option.
3. Fix "make install" so that the static/linkage files will not be installed. Only the so is needed.
I'd definitely welcome a patch for this. The static libraries are not needed.
4. Release standard source tarballs for versions.
I thought I had a standard place for the tarballs. Obviously that is not the case. I'll get one out.
5. Optionally split "libckyapplet" in to its own package.
By package do you mean 'tar ball?' libckyapplet is really only useful for libcoolkey and it's management tool. If it wasn't for the latter it would be part of the pkcs #11 module itself.


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