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Timothy J. Miller Wrote:

On OS X, Coolkey installs a tokend. That tokend should bind to the card no matter what reader I stick the coolkey token in (so long as the card is compatible with the reader). But when I put the eGate card into an SCR243, Coolkey.tokend reports:

Jan 25 08:49:28 xxxxxx /System/Library/Security/tokend/A_COOLKEY.tokend/Contents/MacOS/CoolKey: Not our kind of token! returning 0.


Hello and thanks for the observations.

I will attempt to duplicate your scenario above and see what is going on.
It is probably a matter of doing too much checking in the callback that
tells the system if we think the key belongs to our tokend.


Occasionally, the Apple-supplied JPKI.tokend will stick, which of course doesn't work. :) I think this is a bug, but it's not clear. Can anyone suggest something I've done wrong here?


You have done nothing wrong here. We have seen the JPKI issue before and it is under investigation.
The work around is to simply remove the key and try again.

Jack Magne'


(This is an issue for platforms that have to support multiple cards--like CAC--simultaneously; it would be nice to have one reader, but not all cards are USB cards, so the eGate pass-through reader won't always work.)

-- Tim

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