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On OS X, Coolkey installs a tokend. That tokend should bind to the card no matter what reader I stick the coolkey token in (so long as the card is compatible with the reader). But when I put the eGate card into an SCR243, Coolkey.tokend reports:

Jan 25 08:49:28 xxxxxx /System/Library/Security/tokend/ A_COOLKEY.tokend/Contents/MacOS/CoolKey: Not our kind of token! returning 0.

Occasionally, the Apple-supplied JPKI.tokend will stick, which of course doesn't work. :)

I think this is a bug, but it's not clear. Can anyone suggest something I've done wrong here?

(This is an issue for platforms that have to support multiple cards-- like CAC--simultaneously; it would be nice to have one reader, but not all cards are USB cards, so the eGate pass-through reader won't always work.)

-- Tim

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