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John H. wrote:
i'm still waiting to hear how coolkey supports evolution, as this page
claims it does.
Any ideas?
Unfortunately we've been having problems getting tokens to work with evalution. We hand installed coolkey using modutil, but it looks like evalution is not handling password prompting correctly. We still hadn't had a chance to investigate fully.

If you can try the following command:

modutil -add "Coolkey" -libfile -dbdir {evolution_directory},
then restart evolution and see what works, that would be good input.

({evolution_directory} is where evolution put your secmod.db file.



On 12/7/06, Marco Reichwald <coolkey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd like to know if there are some more detailed information about
the project and especially it's relation/compatibility to OpenSC.
At the moment we have a setup with RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, OpenSC
and OpenSC initialized G&D Starcos smart cards. We are really
interested in going "the RedHat way" but are, of course, not very
eager to replace a couple of thousand smart cards to achieve this.

Thanks in advance


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