Re: Possible deprecation/removal of Initial Setup from Fedora

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On Tue, Nov 21, 2023 at 01:34:43PM +0100, Jiri Konecny wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> We (anaconda team) are considering discontinuation of the Anaconda's Initial
> Setup[0] tool, which is not related to Gnome Initial Setup. Here is a list
> of the reasons:
> * The relationship between the installer and the Initial Setup is very
> fragile. It is easy to break the Initial Setup by changes in the installer
> or break the installer while we are trying to fix the support for the
> Initial Setup. The shared code is complex as a result and it complicates
> development and maintenance of both projects.
> * As we had higher priority items to work on, the codebase is not in an
> ideal state and the upstream repository doesn't even have a proper automated
> CI. Fixing all these issues would take a lot of our resources that we would
> like to spent on improving the installer instead.
> * The Initial Setup tool is unnecessarily complicated. Since it shares code
> with the installer, it has to adapt to many limitations and requirements of
> the installation environment. It doesn't use the full potential of the
> installed system, because the installer can't. It postpones all actions
> until the end of the configuration, because the installer has to. It doesn't
> offer the best user experience for the first boot configuration, because it
> is designed to reuse parts of an installer. It drags Anaconda into the
> installed systems.
> * There are already alternatives: Gnome Initial Setup, systemd-firstboot,
> and preparation for KDE solution of initial setup. So the ecosystem changed
> from the time when Initial Setup was introduced. We think that these
> alternatives are able to give you a better solution.
> Before taking any action, we would like to understand your use-cases to find
> out how we can help you to make the transition smoother and also to find out
> how much time you would need for migration.
> Is Anaconda Initial Setup important for your project or workflow? What
> functionality is absolutely necessary for you? Do you use the text mode or
> the graphical mode? Are you aware of any alternatives? Is there anything
> that would prevent you from migrating to one of the proposed alternatives?
> Also please feel free to share this mail to any relevant groups.
> [0]:


I can provide a bit of perspective from a downstream distribution of
Fedora - Qubes OS. We use XFCE as the primary desktop environment, and
as far as I'm aware, there is no equivalent of Gnome Initial Setup
there. Furthermore, we have a Qubes-specific initial-setup addon that
finishes installation steps that would be quite complicated to perform
during anaconda stage. Those steps are basically starting a bunch of VMs,
which requires a few system services running (including xenstored,
libvirt daemon and few others) and it's very annoying and fragile to do
that from inside chroot.

So, we do have a use case for Initial Setup.

Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab

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