Possible deprecation/removal of Initial Setup from Fedora

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Hello everyone,

We (anaconda team) are considering discontinuation of the Anaconda's Initial Setup[0] tool, which is not related to Gnome Initial Setup. Here is a list of the reasons:

* The relationship between the installer and the Initial Setup is very fragile. It is easy to break the Initial Setup by changes in the installer or break the installer while we are trying to fix the support for the Initial Setup. The shared code is complex as a result and it complicates development and maintenance of both projects.

* As we had higher priority items to work on, the codebase is not in an ideal state and the upstream repository doesn't even have a proper automated CI. Fixing all these issues would take a lot of our resources that we would like to spent on improving the installer instead.

* The Initial Setup tool is unnecessarily complicated. Since it shares code with the installer, it has to adapt to many limitations and requirements of the installation environment. It doesn't use the full potential of the installed system, because the installer can't. It postpones all actions until the end of the configuration, because the installer has to. It doesn't offer the best user experience for the first boot configuration, because it is designed to reuse parts of an installer. It drags Anaconda into the installed systems.

* There are already alternatives: Gnome Initial Setup, systemd-firstboot, and preparation for KDE solution of initial setup. So the ecosystem changed from the time when Initial Setup was introduced. We think that these alternatives are able to give you a better solution.

Before taking any action, we would like to understand your use-cases to find out how we can help you to make the transition smoother and also to find out how much time you would need for migration.

Is Anaconda Initial Setup important for your project or workflow? What functionality is absolutely necessary for you? Do you use the text mode or the graphical mode? Are you aware of any alternatives? Is there anything that would prevent you from migrating to one of the proposed alternatives? Also please feel free to share this mail to any relevant groups.

[0]: https://github.com/rhinstaller/initial-setup

Best Regards,
Anaconda team
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