Re: New Anaconda Web UI preview image is public -- looking for feedback!

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Hi thanks a lot for your feedback.

Dne 17. 12. 22 v 15:35 Sampson Fung napsal(a):
I downloaded the 3.8GB iso file and installation went well in virt-manager .

Where can I read more about the feature road map of this webui of Anaconda?
Not yet available. Right now we are trying to create a road map and then I'll try to publish it openly. Our idea is to ideally make the Anaconda a bit more thin compared to the current GTK web UI. Mainly to remove functionality which is not broadly used much.
Other than a local USB installation, what other features we can spend more time testing?

1.  The download speed is way to slow.  Initially, I got about 1.5Mbps.  While at the end, I only got 100Kbps.  It takes me 4 hours to finish the download.
We are using fedorapeople servers so unfortunately, for some the download speed could be slower. However, there is community torrents created (we don't own them) see
2.  I prefer more status displays during the installation.  I wish there will be a checkbox to allow showing "more details"
Thanks for the feedback we will consider that during next iterations.
3.  Is it too much to ask for a Drak theme?
We already talked about that. Could be added in the future but right now we need to focus on functionality.
4.  The installation by default auto chosen "Traditional Chinese" as default installation language.  How is it being determined which language are choosen?  On the second install, I accept the detected default, but the installer is still mainly in English.  (With some status in Chinese, like "安裝軟件")
The logic is the same as with the current GTK Anaconda UI. We are using Fedora geolocation service by default to correctly select the language.

Best Regards,
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