Re: New Anaconda Web UI preview image is public -- looking for feedback!

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I downloaded the 3.8GB iso file and installation went well in virt-manager .

Where can I read more about the feature road map of this webui of Anaconda?

Other than a local USB installation, what other features we can spend more time testing?

1.  The download speed is way to slow.  Initially, I got about 1.5Mbps.  While at the end, I only got 100Kbps.  It takes me 4 hours to finish the download.
2.  I prefer more status displays during the installation.  I wish there will be a checkbox to allow showing "more details"
3.  Is it too much to ask for a Drak theme?
4.  The installation by default auto chosen "Traditional Chinese" as default installation language.  How is it being determined which language are choosen?  On the second install, I accept the detected default, but the installer is still mainly in English.  (With some status in Chinese, like "安裝軟件")
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