[Anaconda-devel] lorax: fstrim by default for image installs

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I'm trying to track down why image installs still aren't being trimmed. It was implemented in lorax, and also the buildvm's in Fedora infra are using qemu discard=unmap, so it should just work (it works locally with virtio block devices, the virt-manager default).

Workstation Live x86 koji logs includes

Which shows

2022-07-22 00:41:33,905 INFO: Running... fstrim -v /mnt/sysimage/
2022-07-22 00:41:34,113 INFO: /mnt/sysimage/: 2.1 GiB (2205618176 bytes) trimmed
2022-07-22 00:41:34,113 DEBUG: Return code: 0

That's expected. However, it's no smaller than several weeks ago when discards weren't passing through from guest buildervm to the host with the sparse file. I'm still pondering how to track down how we can get a return code of 0, and yet the trim didn't actually do anything.

Next,  two examples of oz logs:

But fstrim isn't mentioned, so I'm suspicious oz isn't including all the anaconda logs, which would be an oz bug.

Chris Murphy

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