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Dne 24. 01. 22 v 20:20 Neal Gompa napsal(a):
On Mon, Jan 24, 2022 at 1:46 PM Peter Boy <pboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am 24.01.2022 um 18:42 schrieb Chris Murphy <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

cc: anaconda-devel@

 From today's Fedora QA minutes

16:20:54 <pboy> I'll test that again, but I'm sure, if you use
everything DVD you get the wrong preconfiguration. We had a thread
about that on server list.

I'm not finding this thread. But Adamw surely knows the history of
Everything ISO better than I do. My fuzzy memory is that it's sort of
a side effect of how images are made and it's kept around as a catch
all. It's the only way to do a netinstall for any of the desktops. The
default package set is for a minimal install, a.k.a. Fedora Custom.
The idea is to make it straightforward to get a minimum bootable
system and then use dnf to build it up from there.

Just for context, "Everything ISO" e.g.

This image defines "automatic" partitioning as btrfs. It's intrinsic
to the image itself what the partitioning defaults to. It's not a
function of the package set, i.e. choosing the Server package set
doesn't get you Server's default partitioning. It's a little
confusing, but it's working as designed, insofar as it has one.

I cc'd Anaconda folks, because I'm not sure exactly where the
"autopart" kickstart command gets defined these days. And also whether
it's worth the effort to make autopart variable based on what edition
or spin is selected in the Everything netinstaller? I'm not sure that
it is.

if I remember correctly, wasn’t it you who informed me (about a year ago in the context of F32/33) that booting from everything DVD and select „Fedora Server“ does not result in an identical installation as booting from Server DVD and selecting „Fedora Server“? (when I wondered about the installation on a rented remote hardware where only „Everything“ was available).

That's a different case. That's referring to the package collection.
The Everything ISO has the base Fedora "profile" that most variants
use (which uses Btrfs). But it also doesn't select Fedora Server by
default and is explicitly designed "for experts", The Fedora Server
netinstall ISO uses the Fedora Server "profile" and will use the
Fedora Server settings by default, including using LVM+XFS.

Think of the Everything ISO as something that an Arch convert would
use, while the Fedora Server netinstall ISO would be something that a
sysadmin doing server deployments from a central repo mirror would


Yes, it's as Neal said. Basically Anaconda is now using configuration profiles which are matching the /etc/os-release values.


If there is a match we will choose that configuration file. Not sure what the Everything ISO has there. However, it's possible that it is matching the base Fedora configuration file:

where you can find the default_scheme:

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