Adding option to clearpart in kickstart to not set pmbr_boot flag?

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Hey all,

As a follow up to Chris' thread on hybrid BIOS/UEFI images[1], it was
pointed out that in order to build images that actually boot, I need
to make sure that the protective MBR boot flag isn't set. To implement
this for Fedora Cloud images, I'm using parted in %post[2]. However,
that has a major problem: I don't necessarily know what the block
device name is going to be. I'm making an educated guess, but for
third parties attempting to rebuild our images, that guess may be

What I'd like to see is the clearpart command getting a
--no-gpt-pmbr-boot-flag or similar that would allow me to do this
without having to write a magic snippet that includes a guess on how
this works.

I imagine this would also be useful for RHEL/CentOS 9, since it would
simplify making hybrid boot images.

What do y'all think?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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