netinstall image finds network, but seems unable to connect in F34 and F35

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I wanted to install F35 from the nightly netinstall image.  But, when I
tried to install, it hung with both the F34 official, and F35 20210622
iso image.  I was using optical media.

If I started with the network up, it would hang forever at the language
selection page.  If I then closed the network, it would proceed to the
hub page.  If I then restarted the network, the software selection
items would cycle forever.  In both cases, the message on tty4 was
something like
DEBUG NetworkManager ... ndisc [ethernet device] solicit next scheduled
solicitation is in xxx seconds
The solicitation time would double for every iteration.  It seems like
it is looking in the wrong place.  I could ping the DNS servers from
tty2, and the network spoke said the network was up.

I thought that I could do a minimal install from the network install
media if there was no network connection.  So, I selected that option
in the software selection screen.  When I verified it, it said the
media was valid to install from.  But that was not the case.  This also
cycled forever.  In asking about this on the test list, I was informed
that the install.img on the netinstall media is only for running, and
not installing.  I *was* able to successfully install using the server
everything ISO as the install repository.

Chris Murphy suggested that I mention both of these issues here.

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