hybrid BIOS/UEFI images for cloud

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Fedora Cloud SIG have a couple of related issues, create images using
GPT [1] and create images supporting UEFI boot [2]. What we'd like to
do is create a single set of images that are UEFI and BIOS bootable,
out of the box. And I'm wondering if this is possible in Anaconda now,
or if it could easily be enhanced to make it possible via kickstart?

If the image creation environment is BIOS, grub2-install will populate
LBA 0 and BIOS Boot partitions correctly. But I'm uncertain whether
anaconda will create and mount /boot/efi, i.e. if the kickstart
manually creates an ESP mounting it at /boot/efi, will anaconda resist
due to the environment being BIOS? The installation of grub2-efi-*
RPMs should work though. We probably don't need efibootmgr to run, we
can just expect BOOTX64.EFI fallback to discover there isn't an nvram
entry, and add one. And due to Fedora 34 unified grub feature, a
single /boot/grub2/grub.cfg should work whether UEFI or BIOS boot.

If the image creation environment is UEFI, grub2-install doesn't work,
it'll detect UEFI and it'll fail. And thus no BIOS bootloader can be
installed. Maybe we could do a UEFI installation, additionally
creating BIOS Boot partition, and run a post install script that does
`grub2-install --target=i386-pc` to  add the BIOS bootloader?



Chris Murphy

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